"Oz Vehadar Construction ltd." Company was founded in the year 1998. Our company plans, initiates, and implements prestigious building projects for the religious population in Israel.
Our focus is mainly on high standard construction for our building projects.
Our company aspires to increase the development of the Galilee and especially Tsfat, its Capital city.


Yuri Puchinsky, Architect
Meir Davidson, Architect
A. Aka, Consulting Structural Engineers
Yig`al Serf, Civil Engineer
G.L. Gurevitz Engineers
Avi Lior, Structures Engineering
Tel Electrical Engineering
Raz Lieberman, Advocate
Arie Sherman, Advocate
Yasmin Sherman, Advocate
Varda Gilo, Advocate
Israel and Igal
Israel & Igal Avi
Igal liberman
POB 1388, SAFED 13101 ISRAEL Tel. (972)-4-6922336 Fax (972)-4-6974113 Toll-free number: 1 877 394 6120 (Israeli time)
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